Persuasive Speech Junk food – killing ourselves with kindness


This speech looks at the problem of eating fast or junk food and the effect it is having on our health. It points out that so many of us are now obese as a result of our diets and gives frightening details of the fat and salt content in food such as pizza or burgers. It is no wonder so many of us have heart attacks. It suggests that such fast food should be an occasional treat not an everyday meal. The short poem summarizes the speech and makes an unusual and catchy ending to it.

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The simple truth behind the persuasive speech Junk food killing ourselves with kindness, is a sad and unfortunate fact for many of us. You can do your part in educating and informing your audience with this persuasive speech on our obesity epidemic.Your persuasive speech junk food killing ourselves with kindness uses strong visual imagery backed up by stark facts. There will be no question that your persuasive speech will be a success.You will persuade everyone of your case and maybe play a role in increasing awareness of a healthier diet. Who knows, you may even save a life! .