Persuasive Speech Magic – it does exist


This speech persuades us that magic truly exists but that it is not the magic of the stage magician. It shows that we each have the capacity for magic in ourselves if we believe in our own intuition. It means that we can make our own dreams come true if we listen to something deep inside us. Real magic though, it says, is not about evil so we must always be careful to wish only for good things. The short poem summarizes the speech and adds an unusual and thought-provoking ending to it.

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Our persuasive speech Magic – it does exist is as enchanting as it is entertaining. It will enable you to give your audience real insight into the truth about magic. You will explain that you don’t mean the tricks of the stage performer but the real magic which lies within each and everyone of us if we trust our own intuition. If we really listen to that something special deep within us we have the potential to make dreams come true – which is itself a reason for being careful about the things for which we wish. You can conclude your persuasive speech Magic – it does exist, should you choose, with the captivating poem provided.