Persuasive Speech Mothers should stay at home


This speech takes the old-fashioned view that mothers should stay at home rather than leave their children to go out to work. It says that mothers are the main educators of their children and that children benefit by having their care and attention all day rather than for a few busy hours after work. It explains that children do not grow to order and that mothers lose those precious moments when their babies first walk or speak by being out at work. It accepts that financially some mothers have to work but that many do it because they are not willing to lose their foreign holidays or their extra luxuries which is the price of staying with their children. The short poem summarizes the speech and gives it a unique and thought-provoking ending.

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For time immemorial there have been two schools of thought on whether mothers should stay at home or go out to work when their children are young. In this persuasive speech Mothers should stay at home, you will help your audience understand the immense value of mothers as the main educators of very young children and the benefits of providing children with care and attention during the day, rather than for a few hours after a busy days work.You will discuss the value to the mother, too, of not missing precious moments. You will also challenge your audience to distinguish between those mothers who have to work for sound financial reasons and those who do so in order to maintain a chosen lifestyle.The short poem which accompanies this persuasive speech Mothers should stay at home, will highlight your point of view on this contraversial subject.