Persuasive Speech Nuclear Power – A death threat


This speech persuades us that nuclear power is too dangerous to be used. It says that its benefits do not outweigh the risks and that radiation has killed many who have worked in the area. It speaks of the disasters that have already occurred causing cancers and death and destroying the land for miles around. It claims that there is no such thing as a safe nuclear reactor. It also claims that the costs of trying to implement safety measures do away with the financial gains of nuclear power. The short poem sums up the arguments and makes a thought-provoking ending to the speech.

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If you believe that the risk of nuclear power outweigh the benefits, this persuasive speech Nuclear Power – A death threat will help you get that message across with power and conviction. It will help you spell out precisely what those risks are, highlighting the death toll amongst people who have worked in the nuclear industry and reminding your audience of the many disasters that it has already caused. Pointing out the overwhelming evidence that there really is no such thing as a safe nuclear reactor, you will speak of the known cancers and of the physical devastation caused by this practice. You will also have the ammunition you need to counter the proñnuclear economic argument, pointing out that the financial benefits to power station owners are far outweighed by the huge costs of implementing safety measures that, all too often, are inadequate anyway. An optional poem provided adds an evocative note on which to end your persuasive speech Nuclear power – a death threat.