Informative Speech Nuclear Power – a sensitive issue


This speech tells us how nuclear power affects our lives. It explains that we needed a cheap source of electricity and that nuclear power was the scientific answer to that need. It gives details of how nuclear power is harnessed and used and how problems arose when it came to managing and storing it safely. It debates our need for this source of power especially when other types of fuel are running out. The short, optional poem summarizes the speech and makes a catchy and unusual ending to it.

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In this Informative speech Nuclear Power – a sensitive issue you will help your audience see that there are two sides to the story. You will help them see how nuclear power affects their lives in many ways and help them tease out some of the pros and cons of this issue, which polarizes opinion whenever it comes up for discussion. Informative speech Nuclear Power – a sensitive issue is a thoughtful and rational approach to the topic and may be supported with the poem provided should you choose.