Persuasive Speech Obesity – It’s everyone’s problem


This speech persuades us that obesity is a problem we all need to tackle for both health and financial reasons. It gives details of the numbers affected and the reasons for it and says that we need to change our whole lifestyles if we are to beat this problem. The short poem offers you an unusual finishing touch to the speech.

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The persuasive speech Obesity – it is everyone’s problem, looks at the wider effect of obesity on our society. The speech’s message is a real wake up call for all of us. Obesity is a massive problem not just for the individuals concerned but also for our Healthcare costs and Programmes, and for the related diseases that obesity causes. Making the persuasive speech Obesity – it is everyone’s problem, will help reduce the stigma of a disease that is threatening to swamp our society. You will be the voice of reason and clarity. Your argument is strong and backed up by relevant facts. This speech is waiting for you to download and give it real life.