Informative Speech Online dating. Stay safe – Act Smart


This informative speech explain the importance of taking safety precautions regarding on-line dating. It says that the very anonymity of choosing a partner on the net adds to the danger because often you won’t know anything of the background of the person you choose to meet. All you will know is what he or she chooses to tell you. It gives tips on how to use this wonderful means of communication yet still remain safe. The short, optional poem summarizes the speech and adds an optional catchy and interesting ending to it.

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Meeting someone new, possibly with romance and love a possibility, is exciting but needs to be approached with a degree of caution, as you will explain in this Informative speech Online dating. Stay safe – Act Smart. In this informative speech you will discuss the dos and don’ts of meeting with someone on the internet. You will say that it is impossible to know how truthful someone is when you meet them online and that keeping the balance between being open and trusting and being prudent is difficult. You will suggest that it is important that you discuss what you are doing with a friend you trust. The accompanying poem will put your Informative speech Online dating. Stay safe – Act Smart in context for your audience.