Persuasive Speech Organ Donor Cards the gift of life


This speech persuades us that we should use organ donor cards. It tells of the huge waiting lists for transplants that could be eradicated if we only carried such cards. It speaks of the hope of patients who are waiting for transplants and how it doesn’t cost anything to put a card in one’s wallet or purse. It encourages us to think of others in a practical way. The short poem sums up the arguments and gives a thought-provoking and encouraging ending to the speech.

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Your persuasive speech Organ donor cards the gift of life is a compelling plea to your audience to tick a box that could save many lives. This straight forward and clear speech sends its message to donate your organs after your death.A persuasive speech Organ donor cards the gift of life will rouse everybody listening to action. Demand is always high for donors and by delivering this speech you will be making a persuasive argument in favor of donating.Everyone will understand that to carry a donor card makes perfect sense. It’s not often you can say that a speech can save a life, but this one can! .