Persuasive Speech Prayer in school should be the rule


This speech shows the stupidity of banning prayer in school. It explains how ludicrous it is that in a world where pornography, hatred and violence are rife we are forbidden from asking for peace or God’s blessings. It shows that in banning prayer because it offends those with differing or no belief we are simply throwing away the baby with the bath water. It maintains that we ought to learn tolerance in school and that includes tolerance of those with beliefs as well as with none. Nobody should be forced to pray and nobody should be forced not to. The short poem sums up the arguments and adds an unusual and thought-provoking ending to the speech.

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Who would have believed that a persuasive speech Prayer in school should be the rule, would ever be needed! Certainly not the our Forefathers, nor our church members. Still if we have to argue for our right to pray and practice our faith, then the persuasive speech Prayer in school should be the rule, will be exactly what you need. This speech makes a strong case for the right to pray, citing it a basic and fundamental right in our schools and society. Your right to prayer does not and should not threaten non believers or those of other religious viewpoints. You have the right to pray – that is message in this strong advocate of prayer in schools.