Persuasive Speech Seat belts – It’s not cool to be stone cold dead


This speech persuades us that we ought to wear seat belts because they protect our own lives. It goes on to say that those who wear seat belts are subsidising those who don’t because the unbelted who have accidents cost states millions every year. Not to wear a seat belt is not a right it is selfishness. Accidents will always happen but not wearing a seat belt adds insult to injury. The short poem summarizes the speech and gives it an unusual and thought-provoking ending.

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Help get the message through with the persuasive speech Seat belts – It’s not cool to be stone dead. An audience will be hanging onto your words as you outline the argument for this life saving speech. Your persuasive speech Seat belts – it’s not cool to be stone dead, will hit your audience with hard facts and statistics that all young drivers need to know. This is a speech about safety and survival, and by convincing everybody of your case, you may well prevent a tragedy from happening. Download your speech and we’ll throw in top tips on presentation and delivery.