Informative Speech Sexually transmitted diseases


This speech explains how Sexually transmitted diseases (stds) are causing a new plague. It suggests that there is really no such thing as safe sex and that millions fo teenagers are not really aware of the dangers caused by their sexual behaviour. It says that the numbers suffering are increasing and that the side effects of these diseases are serious ranging from infertility to cancer. The short poem adds an unusual and interesting ending to the speech.

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In this Informative speech Sexually Transmitted Diseases you’ll observe that STDs, have reached truly epidemic proportions, largely because so many teenagers are unaware of the dangers posed by illñconsidered sexual behaviours. You’ll help your audience to better understand the extent of this plague on society and to comprehend the serious consequences of STDs, which may range from infertility to cancer. The brief and heartfelt concluding poem provides a poignant reminder of the enormous harm that can follow from a moment of thoughtlessness. This Informative speech Sexually transmitted diseases will help you spell out the risks an understanding yet authoritative manner.