Persuasive Speech Skin Cancer – stay shaded & safe


This speech is ideal if you want to persuade your audience that the sun is dangerous. It gives the frightening cancer statistics caused by the sun and sun bathing. It compares such sunbathing to burning yourself on a frying pan deliberately. It explains the best ways of protecting ourselves from the danger and ends by persuading your audience that they should stay in the shade. The short poem sums up the speech and offers you the opportunity to end it on an unusual and thought-provoking note.

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With skin cancer on the rise it makes perfect sense to give the persuasive speech Skin cancer – stay shaded and safe. Melanoma is a very real risk to young and old alike and it is being proven even a minimal amount of sun burn could be dangerous to our health. The only protection that is failsafe is to be aware of the risks and the persuasive speech Skin cancer – stay shaded and safe will tell you exactly that. As you stand up to speak you will be rewarded with an attentive audience. You will be able to deliver a factual and interesting speech on a poignant topic, skin cancer. You will also be able to tell people how to stay safe and that will be a message worth hearing.