Informative Speech Sleep is a serious business


This speech explains the importance of sleep in our lives. It points out the dangers of lack of sleep and how that lack can cause accidents on the road and in the workplace. It shows that our bodies need sleep and that as we work even harder society is sleeping even less. It mentions how being tired makes us grumpy and irritable and worse still, aggressive. it suggests that this is a problem we need to treat more seriously. The short optional poem summarizes the speeches and gives an unusual and catchy ending to it.

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You’ll keep your audience wide awake with the Informative speech Sleep is a serious business. They will lap up your fascinating stats about how much a good nights sleep can help you.They won’t dream of the ways that real quality sleep refreshes and helps everything from study, to appetite, from energy to optimism and even success. Everybody’s health and well being will be affected by the Informative speech Sleep is a serious business.It’s simple to download the speech and we’ll send you top tips for making the most of your speech and dealing with nerves. We’ll also throw is a cute and apt poem for you to use.Everyone will want to sleep better after hearing this.