Persuasive Speech Television – The violent message


This speech persuades us that there is far too much violence on TV. It says that there is a definite link between the violence we watch and the way we behave. In other words we have become desensitised to cruelty and acts of horror. We have come to accept them as the norm. This speech challenges us to watch TV and to turn it off every time there is a killing, an attack or some brutal act. We will probably find it is off more often than on. The short poem summarizes the contents of the speech in a catchy way and makes an unusual ending to it.

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The persuasive speech Television – the violent message will help you explore the links between the violence we watch on the screen and the ways in which we behave. With this speech you will explain to your audience why the excessive violence we and our children are exposed to desensitizes us to acts of cruelty, leading us to accept them as almost a normal part of life. In this speech you will challenge your audience to hit the off switch on the TV every time they are confronted with a killing, attack or other brutal act. They will be surprised at how often the set is switched off! You may find it helpful to conclude your persuasive speech Television – the violent message with an optional challenging that comes with the speech.