Welcome to School Play Speech


These speeches are ideal for someone welcoming an audience to a school show, play or musical. They mention talent, hard work and commitment and the volunteering of time and expertise. There is one speech for each occasion in the pack. There is also a closing speech suitable for any of the three types of entertainment. These thank the cast for their wonderful entertainment. Each speech has a poem which offers you the opportunity to end your speech on a suitably artistic note.

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There’ll be no unnecessary drama for you or your guests in your welcome to school play speech. Whether the production is a play, musical or revue, these speeches will help you set the tone for an evening of entertainment.In your address you’ll pay tribute to everyone involved in the production, as well as the performers. This set of speeches includes different speeches for plays, shows and musicals and a closing speech for each of them.You can also opt to maintain the momentum of the evening by finishing your welcome to school play speech with one of the short and entirely apt poems provided.