Welcome Back Speech to University Students


These welcome speeches are ideal for a dean or head of a college or university at the re-opening of the new academic year. They speak of studying and friendships and the need to balance hard work with enjoyment. They mention how to achieve success and they end on a motivational note. Previous customers please note new speeches & poems have been added. The short poems offer you the chance to conclude your speech in a light-hearted and unusual way.

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As a dean or head of a college or university, you will be keen in your welcome back speech to university students to encourage them to achieve an appropriate balance between commitment to study and having an active social life. Suitable for either university or other third level college students, you address will focus on the importance of finding a balance between hard work and enjoyment.You will emphasize the need for developing structure to make the most of a finite resource: time. You will urge them, too, to strive to achieve success in their studies.Previous customers please note that new speeches and poems have been added this year. Ending your welcome back speech to university students with one of the short poems provided will help you achieve a balance between being motivational and light-hearted.