Persuasive Speech Vitamins are essential to health


This speech persuades your audience that vitamins are essential to good health. It says that the way food is produced and sold nowadays means that a lot of the goodness is lost. It suggests that the labels on packaging are often misleading for the lay person. Overall it says that we need to supplement our diet with the vitamins that are being lost through modern methods of production. The short poem offers you the opportunity to end your speech on an unusual note.

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We eat to live, grow and survive and the persuasive speech Vitamins are essential to health underlines our really physical need for vitamins and minerals. Not only are they essential for our survival but they are necessary for us to grow and flourish.Nowhere is this more true than in our mental agility. Yet too often processed food is stripped of all goodness.We need to know what we are ingesting and the persuasive speech Vitamins are essential to health tells us exactly where we should be looking and describes how vitamins benefit us. You’ll be surprise at what you learn from this speech and your audience will be grateful to come away knowing how to look and feel better, more alive and even happier! Easy to download and build on as much as you want, your persuasive speech is a click away.