Persuasive Speech Volunteering – It’s in giving we receive


This speech persuades you that when you volunteer to help others everyone wins, including yourself. It speaks of the good work being done by thousands of volunteers and how it has increased their self-confidence, their skills and their employment prospects. It encourages you to look out at the world and see what you can change or do for others and in doing so gain wonderful satisfaction and lots of new friends. The short poem summarizes the speech and adds a unique and challenging ending to it.



Your persuasive speech volunteering – it’s in giving we receive, is guaranteed to leave your audience convinced not just of their own generosity, but of the real wisdom of helping others. That means they will not only feel better about themselves but also their ability to improve the lives of other people. In the persuasive speech volunteering – it’s in giving we receive, we offer you a successful combination of persuasive argument and solid facts. There will be no denying you have convinced the audience and it’s so easy to make the speech entirely your own. You’ll glow with your own success and a job well done.