Persuasive Speech Zoos – Animals in Captivity not in Conservation


This speech is ideal for you if you wish to convince your audience that zoos are morally indefensible. It speaks of the cruelty of caging magnificent animals who should be in the wild but who will never have the chance to roam. It says that while zoos claim to be about conservation of species we would be better off putting the money into preserving their natural habitats. The short poem summarizes the speech and adds an interesting and unique ending to it.

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The persuasive speech Zoos – animals in captivity not conservation will help you convince your audience that in the modern world zoos are indefensible. In an age when filmñmakers can bring the world’s wildlife in all its rich detail right into our homes, zoos are simply an anachronism, relics of another age. Yet the zoo industry would have us believe that their purpose is education and conservation. Through this powerful talk you will convince your listeners that the money used to run zoos would be much better spent on preserving natural habitats. Concluding your persuasive speech Zoos – animals in captivity not conservation with the poem that comes with it will provide a memorable ending.