Recession speeches by boss

A recession speech by a boss is going to be one reassuring blast for your staff. They need to hear that you are at the controls with your finger on the pulse. With all the conflicting economic uncertainty out there, your words are going to be essential. A recession speech by a boss acknowledges the reality, but it offers a way forward. We listen to you, the boss, because of your attitude towards the problems.

This is your business, you are not going to let it lose momentum. You are letting everybody know that you are leaving no stone unturned in developing new strategies. There is a solution for everything and your recession speech can open the doors. It will spark initiative, dialogue, and find ways forward that you have not even thought of yet!

J.G.K. said, "The speeches were broadly to the point and I was able to work my way around them so as to deliver the message that I wanted. Thanks!"

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