This Speech Includes:

  • 3 Speech(es)

    Total speaking time for the 3 Speech(es) is 10 minutes

    • 3 Retirement speeches from friend
  • 3 Poem(s)

  • Each poem is 14 lines and in rhyme
  • 1 Bonus(es)

  • Speech Guide: How to Deliver a Speech like you're a PRO... even if you're scared to death!

Friend Retirement Speech

Friend Retirement Speech

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We choose our friends carefully for good reason as a friend retirement speech is something we can only entrust to someone we are really close to. Your friend will be delighted to hear these words coming from you.

Your friend retirement speech is a testimony not just to your friendship but to someone who has worked so hard and is looking forward to a change in direction. They'll be touched and happy that you have gone to this thoughtful trouble.

And you'll be able to relax with a fitting speech ready to go.

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