Sample Sports Speeches

Sample Sports Speeches

Sample Sports Speeches

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Our sample sport speech demonstrates our writing style on one particular sporting occasion. There are, of course, many others and we have speeches for most of them. When you order a pack you receive at least three speeches any one of which you can use individually. On the other hand you may choose to use selected pieces from the speeches we send you. Most of the packs also contain a selection of short poems which offer you the chance to end your speech on an unexpected note. Please note, however, that our sports inspirational, commemorative and persuasive speeches contain just one longer more specific speech, Each such speech ends with a poem that summarizes what you say and provides a great ending to your speech.
Our sample sports speech gives an indication of how we write and you can rest assured that we can meet your needs whatever your sporting occasion.


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Golf presentation from Sponsor


Sponsorship is very much part of our lives and this speech says all a sponsor might say when presenting prizes at a golf tournament. It is suitable for a president, manager or sales executive of the sponsoring company.


Title of honored guest, if applicable, ladies and gentlemen,

Being a golf sponsor is a bit like being father of the groom at a wedding. I just have the enjoyment of a day out without any of the responsibilities.

That is not to say, of course, that I did not keep a keen eye on what was happening. After all I have my reputation to consider. I couldn’t be seen to sponsor anything or anyone that was below par. It goes without saying that everything today went without a hitch. How could it not when the committee organized the event in a way the civil service would do well to copy? The greens were so beautifully kept that they were just calling out to be photographed for an advertisement enticing tourists to these green parts. It goes without saying that the catering staff must be one of this country’s best-kept secrets. It’s a secret we are definitely going to keep to ourselves.

The golf itself was, as usual, of a very high standard and now I know exactly where I have been going wrong. I think I should have stuck to marbles. At least they wouldn’t have so far to roll!

Our winners, though, have obviously studied the handbook very hard. More than that though they showed the sporting spirit which is so much part of the game of golf. I hereby congratulate them on their victory and on behalf of………………………………..I have great pleasure in presenting them with their prizes.

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Looking for Sports Speeches?