Thank You Speeches

What is it about a thank you speech that makes us feel so appreciated? Is it just about simple manners, or something more fundamental in our psyche that responds to gratitude? Whatever it is, you might say our society functions on a simple expression of thankfulness. 'Thank you' is such a simple thing to say, and a thank you speech is the way to do it. There are many situations however when those two words deserve to become a little more. Perhaps we want to thank a teacher, a committee, a volunteer. Maybe these worthy people have put in months of work.

It may be their job, but how much more worthwhile do we feel when someone takes the trouble to give a special thank you speech? Hearing it makes all the effort worthwhile. Our thank you speeches cover many different possibilities. We invite you to use them as they are, or adapt them to your needs, knowing that each speech is a fundamental wonderful sincere expression of gratitude.

E.H. from New South Wales (Australia) said, "It was very helpful for me and it was really nice having this ready-made speech, no more stress of making one."

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