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25th Wedding Anniversary Speech

25 years with the one you love is worth celebrating with the help of our 25th Wedding Anniversary Speech pack. What a "silver" date this is! What a time you've had, and you've done it all together. Isn't that the secret that you want to share as friends and family gather around you? Maybe the kids too! Everyone wants to top be a part of this silver celebration, and a 25th wedding anniversary speech pack gives us the words to frame it all. It will be a speech that will last, as your marriage has. It will be a tribute to the love that has grown, and the bond that has developed between you.

Our speeches can be personalized as much, or as little, as you want to.

L.S. from Billericay (UK), said,  “The speeches were very clear and helpful. I just had to change a few lines/omitted a few words to make the speech more particular to me and the way I speak.”

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